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Capturing moments

Rajanjali is an experience like none other. Find below some of the best parts!

2022-10-08 22.09.22_Original.heic



Anjali you dont know how much i love you! It's been an amazing two year's and even though we've had our ups and downs, i wouldn't want to fight with anyone else on a daily / weekly basis. Looking back two years ago we were very different, but also very similar. Im still incredibly stubborn and your still annoying (Jk). I made this site to reflect on the two years we've had together. My favorite memories with you are in here, and i'll be keeping this updated on a semi-annual period to add more. Hopefully we can reach 50 pages worth of content lol. I also want you to film some Zambia vlogs I can put on here. Anyway I love you so much and I know that we can't spend our anniversary together, so when you come back were doing a re-anniversary day! I'll be adding personal pages of both of us, so send me more pics and videos of your travels because my personal page will be the PWP office lol


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