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Will you be my Valentine?

Anjali, this is my application to be your valentine. My biggest qualification is my ability to annoy you on a daily basis. I think it truly adds a special dynamic to the relationship that keeps you on your toes. Additionally, I'm in love with you, as much as you refuse to believe that. My favorite parts about you are your laugh, your amazing eyes and smile, and your ability to be weird at any moment. I miss you so much. Coming home to an apartment without you feels horrible and I cant wait to see you in May. I miss cuddling with you, failing to watch movies with you, annoying you while we live together, sometimes I miss when you annoy me. Only sometimes though. Your refusal to give me an address or apartment number or anything has left me unable to send you so many flowers and chocolate so this is the best I can do. Your in London now, and I know its going to be absolutely insane and I'm incredibly jealous. You've achieved so much this past year: successfully surviving Baltimore, living in Zambia and traveling solo through Africa, going back to Singapore and getting a cool ass startup internship, and now you'll be living in London to do research and finally live out your dreams. I'm sad i couldnt be there with you this year, but its been a privilege to watch you grow and learn about yourself from the phone. You're honestly one of the most impressive people I've ever met, and I'm so grateful to call you my girlfriend. Even though you wont believe this, I brag about you to my coworkers all the time. They're very excited to meet you. All this being said, please be my Valentine lol.

Above is me if you won't be my Valentine

Also, please send me your address! I have no clue why you're so weird about it just effing send it to me so I can send you flowers and chocolates and presents and stuff. You literally get mad at me for not doing anything but I want to send you stuff so please give me your address. Im literally begging you on a website I created. 

I know Valentines day is on a weekday this year so I plan on sending this website out to you a bit before Valentines day and then we can play what we're going to do virtually together. I'm expecting that weekend of Valentines day to be kinda screwed for me because of work so I think we do a bunch of stuff the weekend after since I know you have some issue against celebrating before or whatever. Anyways, I love you so much and I miss you but I hope you appreciate this page I made. I'll follow up with my resume and some references if you'd like. On that note PLEASE SEND ME YOUR ADDRESS AND PLEASE BE MY VALENTINE

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